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Dog Grooming


Welcome to Haytor Dog Grooming.

two schotisch collie dogsLaura, our head groomer, has now been working for us for about five years. During that time she has developed her skills in animal care and now specialises in grooming. Laura has worked in kennels for many years and has a natural affinity with dogs and puts them at ease, even dogs who dislike being groomed Laura is able to reassure them and gain their trust to achieve some amazing results.


Most dogs will need to be groomed every 6 – 8 weeks, depending on breed and lifestyle.

With each groom your dog will have a full bath with an appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Dead coat is removed, including matts and tangles. Depending on the coat and your specific requirements, clipping, scissoring and hand stripping is provided. Feet and nails are trimmed, ears are cleaned and plucked (to help prevent ear infections) and all dogs are fluffed dried to get the best possible finish to their coats, and finally a splash of doggie cologne!!

Dog Grooming and Nail clipping services available. Please enquire

Dog Grooming and Nail clipping services available. Please enquire

Don’t worry if your dog has not been groomed for some time Laura will be able to bring your dog back to a good standard of coat health. Also why not get your dog groomed while boarding at Haytor where the grooming can be done in stages.

Please do not hesitate to contact Laura and bring your dog up for a consultation, she loves her job and is very happy to give you free advice.